Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome fellow scholars!

I am starting a blog as a means of sharing information about the work of getting a PhD in urban planning, as well as what students should expect from a career in academia.  Look for entries from a variety of talented students and professors in the coming weeks.
What I have in mind here is a blog with short postings by a wide variety of doctoral students and faculty about things authors have learned, advice they give, or articulate-but-as-yet-unanswered questions they might have about how to do what we do.  This blog is oriented both towards sharing our experience and providing practical information on workaday aspects of our career path.  I hope that this will be a useful and occasionally irreverent source.  One advantage of a blog format is that entries should be short and informal - and hence not too time consuming to write.
If you find this blog useful, I hope you consider posting.  Blog entries could cover topics beginning with advice for students considering applying for a doctoral program, carrying through to challenges in getting tenure.  Entries can be ten to a few hundred words, either credited or anonymous.  Email me if you're interested/willing, and I'll add your email to DSUP's author permissions, allowing you to post as needed.  Or you could simply send me a post and I'll make sure that it gets published.

Jason Brody

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